Joint Lab PhaSe
Phytochemistry and biofunctionality of plant Secondary metabolites

Researching together for a healthy diet!

Plants are the basis for human nutrition and food. The growing demand for high-quality, plant-based food is a global environmental, social and economic challenge.

Advances in basic research resulted in new analytical methods that contribute to improved understanding of plant growth and development and their importance to human nutrition. In addition to ensure food security, now the quality of the food gains increasing interest for the consumer, but also how this quality can be achieved by targeted approaches in planta. More and more citizens in Germany suffer from nutrition-related chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, cancer or diabetes.

How plant-based food and specifically secondary metabolites influence our health and the development of diet-related diseases is therefore the research focus of the Joint Lab PhaSe. New scientific achievements in this area will help to facilitate a diet adapted to the respective life circumstances and health situation.

The new research and competence center was established by three partner institutions:

  • Leibniz Institute of Vegetable and Orgnamental Crops (IGZ)
  • German Institute for Human Nutrition Potsdam-Rehbrücke (DIfE)
  • Institute of Nutritional Science at the Potsdam University (IEW)

The cooperation of the partners will promote interdisciplinarity in the research program and contributes to the visibility of the research profile "health and nutrition" in Brandenburg.