Joint Lab PhaSe
Phytochemistry and biofunctionality of plant Secondary metabolites

Project "Food4Future"

The "Food4Future" project is based on a novel and radical approach: The mega trends – “Designed Food” and “Natural Food” – in their impact as “creative disrupters”, will not only dominate future diets, but also replace traditional agricultural production. This will be done against the background of two profound scenarios – “No Land” and “No Trade”. Challenged by these extreme settings, the overall objective of the F4F project is to develop innovative solutions in the food and agro-sector for the sustainable securing of adequate and healthy nutrition. Within the project, the targeted key technologies – (UV) LED technology and composite lightweight materials – are used to develop innovation approaches up to the proof of concept for “Designed Food” and “Natural Food” and their technical feasibility, their economic and market potential envi-ronmental sustainability as well as its social impact.

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The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.