Joint Lab PhaSe
Phytochemistry and biofunctionality of plant Secondary metabolites

Junior Research Group "ProAID"

How does nutrition affect the aging process? Why do individuals respond differently to the same nutrition behavior? These and other questions concerning the association of nutrition and aging and the personalization of dietary recommendations are in the research focus of the Junior Research Group ProAID (Protein oxidation in Aging as target for an Individualized Dietary intervention).

In this context, the focus of our research is the analysis of oxidative modifications of endogenous proteins. In this context, it is our particular aim to elucidate the importance of oxidative posttranslational protein modifications (oxPTPM) as biomarker for nutrition- and age-related diseases (e.g. diabetes mellitus type 2) as well as regulators for the metabolism.

For this purpose, we realize different projects in which we apply a multitude of methods in various research models (from cell culture to human intervention). Please visit our homepage for detailed information about our research, team and cooperation partners.

Further information you will get on the homepage of the group.