Joint Lab PhaSe
Phytochemistry and biofunctionality of plant Secondary metabolites

SEcondaRy UV

The project SEcondaRy UV realizes the possibility to generate new scientific knowledge for applications of UVB-LED along the horticultural value added chain. Within the project we create innovative technological and plant physiological approaches in the horticultural management for producers.

The application of narrow-banded UVB LEDs increases the content of secondary plant metabolites in the plant matrices without damaging the plant. In this way we produce natural functional food which could be used for prevention of age-related diseases, e.g. cancer and diabetes.

The aims of the project are

(I)   Investigation of effects of different UVB wavelengths on formation of structure different secondary plant metabolites in leafy vegetables. Further, this application of UVB should be combined with blue (440-460 nm) and red (630-680 nm) LEDs to investigate the effects on secondary plant metabolite biosynthesis.

(II)   These results should be transferred in a technical light model for horticultural farming and tested under production conditions.

(III)  The vegetable with enhanced secondary plant metabolites are tested for their biological effects in vitro (antioxidative activity, reduction of cell aging, cancer prevention)

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This project is funded by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research - Twenty20 - partners by innovations