Joint Lab PhaSe
Phytochemistry and biofunctionality of plant Secondary metabolites

Offical Opening of the Joint Lab PhaSe

On April 15, 2019, the Joint Lab "PhaSe - Phytochemistry and Biofunctionality of Secondary Plant Metabolites" was inaugurated. Around 40 representatives of the three partner institutions as well as guests from the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture of the state of Brandenburg and other institutions from the region joined the event at the IGZ. The leaders of the three partner institutions introduced the concept and future planning for the Joint Lab. Afterwards, young scientists explained their work already based on the long-term and well-established cooperation. Some results of the research could even be tasted afterwards such as a bread with sprouts or a newly developed bread spread.

"The influence of plant-based foods on human health and the development of diet-related diseases are topics of great scientific and social relevance. I am pleased that three Brandenburg research institutes are working together on this important topic.", said Minister Münch on the occasion of the opening ceremony.

The Joint Lab PhaSe represents a next step in positioning the region in the relevant research environment and thus contributes to the visibility of the research profile "Nutrition and Health" in the state of Brandenburg.

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